Huachuca Drones into the Atomic Cloud - Huachuca Book 3
Ride West to Fort Huachuca - Huachuca Book 1

Water Rescue at the Desert Oasis - Huachuca Book 2

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In Water Rescue at the Desert Oasis, Frank and his friend Flavio resume the search for gold in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Both boys are sons of Army sergeants. As they hike into Huachuca Canyon, an Apache acorn-gatherer warns, “Gold makes people crazy.”

At home, Frank’s brother Mark and neighbor Peter conduct a dazzling electrical experiment that knocks out the house lights. On Halloween night, Frank and his brothers Carl and Mark take their trick-or-treating to dozens of homes in the fort. At a spooky drainage ditch, Frank witnesses the mysterious Ghost of the Post.

At the Golden Bell community picnic near Tombstone, Frank leaps into a lake and discovers the water is much too deep for him. He can’t swim, but is anyone around to help?

Water Rescue at the Desert Oasis is the second installment of the five-part Huachuca Books series, which adapts episodes from Frank Warner’s 2021 memoir, Tumbleweed Forts: Adventures of an Army Brat.


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