Huachuca Books available now! Five compact books from Tumbleweed Forts days
The New Girl Chases Dust Devils - Huachuca Book 4

The Big Dig for Canyon Gold - Huachuca Book 5

BLOG BOOK gold 5

For two years, young Frank Warner has heard about the lost gold in Huachuca Canyon, Arizona. Now, in early 1963, a serious project begins to dig up the treasure. The whole story is in The Big Dig for Canyon Gold.

Army Private Robert Jones, who says he saw stacks of gold bars in an underground cave back in 1941, sends in an earth-moving team. The crew gets help from Silas Newton, who claims to have special gold-detecting tools from a crashed flying saucer.

Also in The Big Dig for Canyon Gold, actor Gregory Peck comes to Fort Huachuca to make a motion picture. Frank visits the movie set outside the post hospital, where he watches the film crew drop a dummy from a water tower. The scene is for the movie Captain Newman, M.D.

In a letter, Frank asks President Kennedy to cancel the Army’s orders to send Frank’s father to Vietnam. The orders would take Sergeant Warner away for a year and force the rest of the family to move East. Awaiting Kennedy’s reply, Frank says goodbye to Flavio, Emily, Terry, Skeeter, and his other friends.

The Big Dig for Canyon Gold is the final installment of the five-part Huachuca Books series, which adapts episodes from Frank Warner’s 2021 memoir, Tumbleweed Forts: Adventures of an Army Brat.


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