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March 06, 2013



Somehow, this Socialist President, friend of the poor, managed to amass a personal fortune of $2 billion.

Jose Galofre Manero-SPAIN_europe

+ Proud of my king I'm


In the very beginning I supported Chavez and was quietly hopeful that he would walk the genuine talk of a democratic socialism. That is to say one that would focus on both improving Venezuela, cleaning it up, and trying to fairly apportion both wealth and costs. One that could use the best thinking of the 19th and 20th century about how to keep free enterprise from concentrating all gains and socializing all losses.

He was too small a man for this task. Also, he loved demagoguery and his own ego more than he loved anything else. He reminded me of petty politicians I grew up around in the ghetto of Philadelphia who had maybe an IQ of 95. They were way smarter than most people who enthusiastically supported them. They were way less smart than the people who held the real power. They maintained their power base through the cult of personality. Most of them were preachers. I'd argue that Chavez was as well. It's just that his religion was secular, and like most Latin American dictators, he had an army.


Well, GeekGirl. Your man, Chavez, has given Venezuela a 283% inflation rate:

Socialism is a failure no matter who dishes it out. It doesn't matter if it is Hugo Chavez or Barack Obama.

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