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December 10, 2012



Is this a trick question?

Frank Warner


I'm trying to show the screenwriters the missing dialogue.


It is a shame the Mother of a killed American ofifcial can't even get a good explanation as to how her son died. If she can't get the info, then how is anybody else ever going to know? It is my understanding that our Ambassador requested extra security, but was denied, due to a lack of funding. The question was asked during the recent debate as to why they didn't get more security, and who was it that denied it. Neither candidate answered it. They talked about other things they are going to do. Maybe one day we can some straight answers.


I did not want President Clinton removed from offcie because he lied about getting blown and cheating on his wife. It was not worth the damage to the offcie of President. Lying about the killing of our ambassador and the act of war that it represents is an entirely different matter. Just what side is President Obama on? Our President placed his own personal political interest before country. I am a man and if drafted, I would be required to place my life in jeopardy. Not in my own personal interest, but my country comes first. And this guy is President placing his political interest in front of MY country?He should be removed immediately. To NOT do so is to damage the offcie of the President far more than if he stayed.

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