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October 27, 2012



New laws? This government doesn't enforce the laws in place today. I see no reason to have even more laws. We need to start enforcing every law that is already on the books first. And if current laws aren't needed, get rid of them.


I'd like a new law that said you could only run for any particular public office once. There would be no incumbents running for re-election. Nice and simple. Oh, and no retirement benefits. At ALL. I know there are problems with this idea, but like surgery sometimes the cure is painful.

Frank Warner

Certainly term limits would help. Twelve years tops. That probably should apply to all government jobs, elected and non-elected. None of our public servants should look at government jobs as permanent. They should get to know the real world, first and last. They must not become so entwined in government that they learn how to turn it against taxpayers for their own profit.


As I said, we don't need new laws-- we need comple enforcement of existing laws.

Despite laws against lying, tall tales have become the norm on the campaign trail, experts say

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