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October 27, 2012


Andrew ling

This news is about five months old. Please don't write about issues you are ignorant about. Have you lived in china? Do you speak mandarin? I suppose all non western countries are "slave states". Attitudes like this are the reason the us is the worlds most hated nation by far. China has found numerous allies throughout Africa and the Middle East who are tired of being disrespected. It's becoming increasing laughable these days when western countries lecture from the moral high ground. Giving yourself the Nobel peace prize doesn't give you the authority to lecture china when your continent is on the verge of ruins, in the case of Europe. With all of America's economic and social issues maybe we should take a lesson from china and mind our business.

Andrew ling

Just saw a trailer for the new red dawn movie which reminded me of franks post. Are you arming yourself in preparation for a Chinese invasion? I guess this is a consequence of us primary schools ranking right below Thailand internationally. No wonder Eduardo Saverin paid about one hundred million in unrealized cap gains just to renounce his us citizenship and move to Singapore.


Andrew ling, give us your enlightened knowledge on just how rich the Wen Jiabo family is. Is China a "People's Republic" or is it the property of elitists within the political system?

The answer is pretty obvious. Corruption is worse than ever. People feel they can't get ahead without political connections. The wealth gap continues to get bigger and there has been virtually no political reform at all. Because of this, China is reaching a breaking point.

What can't last forever, won't.


***What can't last forever, won't.***

Sounds like the modern West to me, too. Read Mr Warner's own blog, "Mounting debt sends civilization towards a death spiral". (I'm not defending the CCP, by the way.) And don't get me started on PEAK OIL.

China's premodern civilization lasted several millennia, being perfectly capable of producing all forms of high culture over this whole stretch of time. Compare modern Western industrial civilization, which now already totters on the brink of an abyss after barely two centuries -- and what's more, threatens to bring everyone along with it when it finally goes.

I LOVE the West. I sure do.

Frank Warner

China has freed up some of its economy in the last 20 or 30 years. It should free its people.

Meanwhile, the West's current problems are the result of the same ignorant thinking that gave China poverty and mass death for more than three decades, and continues to deny the Chinese people the right to speak their minds and choose their own leaders.

We have to hope no nation again goes as far as China to imprison and torture its people and make progress impossible.

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