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July 07, 2012



I can shave a lot of time off of their search. I'm sure that in the end they will find that Bush did it.

PJ Smith

Oh that's nothing. If you keep up with Slate at all (an online arm of the Washington Post) here's what was going on last month.

Their Innovations Editor publish a lengthy story on two gay men, one in Military, who "married" under military auspices. Both men declared themselves dedicated Christians apparently. Both had been married before, 2 children each. One had been the choir director at his church, which apparently is where they met. It was a real celebration of their love...

Long story short, Slate's social media editor, Jeremy S., was actively deleting the posts that dissented from supporting gay marriage and every related issue to the article, like the fact that if this was a heterosexual couple who fell "in love" at church and betrayed their marriage vows thoooose Christians would be paraded in the media very differently. After deleting the poster's comment, he would delete the poster's Profile as well!!! Forcing them to create a new Profile EVERTYTIME they wanted to post. I know, I did this at least 4 times just to verify if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. But it gets better.

Jeremy apparently realized that even though he deleted the comments and Profiles, if the poster had "Liked" another's comment, their Profile Name remained visible attached to that "Like". He then began deleting THOSE comments in order to eliminate the evidence that the Profile had existed (apparently, why else would he stoop to the nth degree of deception to cover his tracks?) Finally, he simply DE-activated the "Like" function entirely, and the Response function as well.

So, while Slate was showing the vast majority of posters "favoring" this lovely union, and posting warm fuzzies, Yahoo had an article covering the Gay Parade in San Diego, including members of military in uniform. And 95%+ of THOSE comments were NOT supportive of this gay show. Interesting hey? Obviously Slate readers are not universally opposite of Yahoo was shortly after this that Mr. Dan Cathy of Chic Fila fame was shoved into the limelight. What a coincidence, hey????

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