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December 01, 2011



Perhaps, Newt should consult with former Enron consultant and Nobel Prize for Economics winner, Paul Krugman, to see how he managed to argue away any damage from a former employer who went “financially unstable.”


I like Newt in many ways but there are a few items that make me not want him as a presidential candidate. This is one of them. Another was when he backed a knucklehead Republican candidate over a Tea Party candidate who had a lot of momentum.

We need a real conservative in there; not a fair weather conservative. Newt fails the test. Romney fails the test. Cain might have been it but he's fighting allegations that he was inappropriate and made a few women uncomfortable. Palin would be it but everybody doesn't like her despite not even knowing why. Maybe Paul Ryan but he's not running.


Now, we find out that Bill Clinton was doing virtually the same thing for MF Global pulling down $50,000 per month.


Who was the last person to actually cut government?

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