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August 11, 2011



If only killing bin Laden has decreased the deficit by trillions and created 10 million new jobs...


The "Hurt Locker" took in $49,230,772 worldwide, which is roughly half of what "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" took in.

Frank Warner

Still waiting for "The Capture of Saddam" movie.


Somehow, I think the movie will reflect the difference between Obama's speech after killing bin Laden versus Bush's speech after capturing Saddam Hussein.  

Bush's speech was 500 words and he referenced himself four times: 
I have a message for the Iraqi People
I thank
I Congratulate
I have a message for the American People

Obama's Speech was 1389 words and he referenced himself ten times:
I can report
I directed
I was briefed
I met repeatedly 
I determined
At MY direction
I've made clear
I've repeatedly made clear
I called President Zardari
I, as Commander-in-Chief

Bush didn't point to a single one of his actions in discussing the capture of Sadaam, rather he pointed to the actions of the military. Obama gave credit to the military but his speech was very arrogant and self aggrandizing.

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