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May 07, 2011




Noam Chomsky is NOT a friend of all tyrants. He's just a fan of COMMUNIST tyrants.

There is a difference. I'll grant you that it's subtle...


I find the German poll very disturbing Frank despite the fact that part of my ethnic background is German. I wonder how the German people who number over eighty one million people as of 2011 and had been the victims of Bin Laden's attack on one or more of the 2,062 cities that exist in modern Germany would have reacted? How would they feel if they had lost thousands of citizens, countless others were left sick and dying due to environmental hazards, buildings were demolished and unborn children were forced to grow up without knowing their fathers or tragically lost their mothers? Bin Laden is a typical murderous tyrant which history has seen time and again who met an understandable end. Angela Merkel may be criticized but I believe that she was saying only what everyone else was feeling.Tyrants bring about destruction on themselves and unfortunately on many others and Germany should know this as well as any nation.


"58% of Germans mad that mass-murdering Jew-hater is dead"

Well that's quite a loaded way to put it!
I expect if the canvasser had asked the question: "Are you happy that mass-murdering jew-hater bin Laden is dead?" the result would have been very different.

I can see why US forces felt they couldn't take any chances: bin Laden might have been wearing an explosive vest after all.

I also think they would have shot him anyway, as it saved us from the grim (and politically awkward) prospect of kidnapped westerners being threatened with beheading if he were not released. and so on.

But happy that he's dead? I'd sooner bin Laden faced a trial and life imprisonment. As Richard Dawkins said of another monster, Sadam Hussain: it would be far better to study such people and see what can be learned about how they are created,

Frank Warner

Saddam should have spent his life behind bars to experience what life without freedom is like. He might have begun to understand what he had done to the Iraqi people.

Bin Laden's case is different, as you explained. His long dependence on suicidal fanaticism made a normal arrest nearly impossible.

Still, it would have been interesting to see him in prison, forced to watch something other than himself on TV.

I don't wish death on anyone. That said, I'm glad bin Laden is gone, and I know that if he was to go, he had to die going.

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