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« CBO: GOP’s $38.50 billion spending cut really cut only $0.35 billion | Main | Speaker Boehner says he's willing to cut oil companies' tax breaks »

April 23, 2011



Shoot, Frank. The more I read your articles, the more I realize that you're smart enough to be a conservative. That lady with the half-head notwithstanding. Why not just admit it? Come over to the dark side.

Frank, I am your father! :)

Frank Warner

It's a liberal thing to demand the numbers add up. But then there are all these pseudo-liberals who reject mathematics.

But back to the subject. What are these "tax breaks" for the oil companies the Democrats keep talking about? I'll research this, but it's interesting the Democrats keep bringing it up, and I never hear a Republican's answer.


"It's a liberal thing to demand the numbers add up."

HAHAHAHA! Good one. Why not spout that liberals like freedom or prosperity next :) No one will buy it, but it's quite humorous.

While we're lying, let's go one more. Hey everyone, liberals don't like slavery, even the type they impose upon poor people with those welfare checks. No, they totally hate it!

(I really don't like liberals. I mean REALLY)


Funny, Obama didn't have a problem when the criminal enterprise known as ACORN was given $3 billion in his stimulus scam two years ago.

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