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April 26, 2011



And why is it that the president of the US should have to jump through hoops for the nut cases who want to make him justify his identity? The office still means something, and unless there is some iota of evidence that Obama was not born in the US he shouldn't join in that game. The claim is outlandish and what kind of person would allow his actions to be dictated by people who obviously are more interested in discrditing him than in any valid claim of his elegibility for the presidency? Only a weak one. I would be very disappinted if he gave in to that kind of taunt.


Chez, you demean citizens that merely want to ensure that the Constitution is upheld. Is Obama exempted from the Constitution?

I think it is outlandish that Obama has been allowed to go so long without proving that he is eligible to be president.

Even more, Obama has spent $millions to keep his birth certificate hidden. What's the sense in that? Obama clearly has no idea of the value of a dollar. He spends $millions on trivial nonsense in this instance alone. He has spent $trillions more on his other worthless boondoggles, government takeovers and union paybacks at taxpayer expense while the rest of us are looking for a job.


In other breaking news, here’s the White House link, looks like a 1961 copy of a Certificate of Live Birth.

Looks like what I expected it to. It's either real or a good fake.

It looks as fresh and clean as my birth certificate. Wait a minute! Mine doesn't look anywhere that clear or legible. What is going on here?

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