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March 22, 2011



MSNBC was highlighting a story about Diablo Canyon last night. Seems they discovered that the backup coolant pumps for a reactor and the spent rod pools had a stuck valve for 18 months .. meaning if they went through an emergency like Japan, it would have been as bad if not worse.
Years of above average safety seems to have put some of the nuclear industry to sleep.

jj mollo

George Monbiot has annoyed almost everyone on the planet. His idea of a reasonable discussion is a sharp poke in the eye. He wants somebody to arrest Tony Blair and John Bolton for crimes against the peace. He's a left wing lunatic. He is amazingly brave however, and pretty effective at making his points. He's also exactly right about this issue and I'm happy he's on the same side of the argument now.


Yes, what is the damage the nuclear power disaster has add to the already dramatic situation of the victims of the earthquake. Even in the media? What has still to come?

His most central argument is that there is nothing else (and we should continue consuming) so let's continue.
That he is supporting nuclear energy now is not really a point of view. Makes probably nice articles, many readers, but not a point of view. I would like to now his real position.

An old plant, a very big earthquake, that is how thing happens in reality. The plant stood in a region known for this kinds of natural disasters. Close enough to the see. The old plant was just permitted for another 10 years. Japan did take a gamble. Does he defend that gamble? But that is what happens all over. Promises to close old plants get postponed, while unexpected or expected error scenario's did happen. Smart and expensive media campaigns are used to let us forget. And they get those results. To many money involved.

Everybody is for nuclear energy if they are really sure it is save, that nothing more can go wrong more than with the fuel central around the corner. And everybody is against in situations as Japan. No news there.

What would make a point of view is mentioning the conditions at what point it is acceptable, it is save. And how this conditions can be guarantied. And if the conclusion is that this is impossible or to expensive to keep any advantage out of it, that is an other way of saying we should not do it. So a real point of view would be a list of conditions and methods, and naming the renaming risks that would be considered acceptable.

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