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March 29, 2011



The Obama Doctrine: Quick Convenient No Risk Humanitarian Intervention Anywhere

So far, Libya has down one plane, with no deaths (except the six civilians on the ground who came out to greet one of the crew).

jj mollo

The either/or doesn't really apply. Obama has stated how far we're willing to go, and I imagine that the rebels are happy with our contribution. There is still hope for them if they can win on there own, as the Afghans did with minimum US support, and there is hope also that other forces will provide enough assistance to carry the day. France, UK and conceivably Egypt might make the difference after we have brushed our hands and walked away.


Reports: Libyan rebels retreating in disarray


jj, I don't know if you ever read the blog The Dignified Rant. I think it's good stuff. The Dignified Rant also postulates the possibility we might get "lucky" and the rebels achieve victory.

I think the analogy to Afghanistan is way more accurate than Obama's "false choice" sighting Iraq. The thing was Afghanistan flipped somewhat easily precisely because we did use a small force and a small force was sufficient there for several years. Unlike Afghanistan with the Taliban and their safe havens in Iran and Pakistan. I don't think GDaffy loyalists gain strength over time. I always believed the Taliban would eventually be back in Afghanistan. The only reason it took as long as it did, is because those jihadists focused their resources in Iraq until it was clear they were getting their butt kicked.

We are so blowing an opportunity.

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