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February 11, 2011


Christopher Hinn

Yes the people should not waste this opportunity of democracy and freedom that they are enjoying right now. The battle doesn't stop here. They should still be vigilant and more careful in choosing the next leader. This can happen to them again if they will not be vigilant. They are now face with a lot of challenge on how to keep this on hand.


When is the next election for Palestinian voters? Surely, if there is a democracy and not just one democratic election, they will see their current leadership needs changing.


Now See The 11 Countries At Risk Of Becoming The Next Egypt


I’m not sure if one should take a step back or look with a magnifying glass for the results of the trouble in Egypt.
What is clear is that Mubarak has resigned and the military is in control.
But is that a good thing or a bad thing ? Who knows ? … and is it really any different ?

We now know that Mubarak has terminal cancer, so something closely approximating this would have happened before long anyway, so … what ?

The last time something like this happened in Honduras, the Obama Administration condemned it … but now, Egypt is in the “Hope and Change” rapture which we know will quickly be replaced with something much less.

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