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January 31, 2011


Chris Taus

Mubarack is going to have two choices, stand and fight, literally, or hop in his helicopter, with his suitcases of gold and cash, and make a run to Venezuela, where Hugo will greet him with open arms and help him with his luggage...
The Muslim brotherhood is on a roll, at the moment, they have momentum...But that could suddenly change if Mubarack got really tough and decided to pacify the population by force...The only question then is if the military will obey him...He better keep that copter warmed up, things could change rapidly...


Hmm. 82% of egyptians polled think female genital mutilation should be mandatory. 84% think stoning is the best punishment for adultery. 83% think death is the proper fate for leaving the Religion of Peace.

Are you sure we want democracy over there?

Frank Warner

Chris, I doubt Hugo Chavez, would-be dictator that he is, would welcome has-been dictator Mubarak to Venezuela. Chavez would rather join the Muslim Brotherhood to make sure democracy never takes hold in Egypt.

Frank Warner

Kevin, a society that keeps generation after generation in the dark produces that kind of stupid thinking. The Egyptians have the same right to be free that you do. Once Egypt has a generation of free debate, the views you mentioned will be minority views.

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