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January 20, 2011



Does this indicate that we now have moved beyond the politically correct and insanely expensive nation building phase into the new phase where we just decide to actually win the war by killing the enemy?

Frank Warner

I think it's really an exception to the rule for this war. But I can only imagine how the major networks and newspapers would have reported this story had it happened under a Republican president.

The biggest difference is, it would have been reported.


Video: Whatever happened to the anti-war movement?

jj mollo

There is no substitute for victory. I just hope we don't do anything too stupid. Abu Ghraib came close to killing the whole operation in Iraq.


The anti-war left came close to killing the whole effort in Iraq and now they remain silent as "war monger" Obama escalates the efforts (and deaths and injuries to our troops) in Afghanistan. They are complete hypocrites, as usual.

jj mollo

They didn't cut Johnson much slack.


Being a Gen Xer, I don't think those Johnson hating, Vietnam protesting, Hippy Dippy baby boomer flower children have the best of reputations with later generations, and not even their own for the most part.

America has grown up a bit, so the radicals are less likely to get away with that crap.

Oh yeah, and we were attacked repeatedly over a number of years culmunating in 9/11.

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