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January 21, 2011



They said if I voted for McCain that this kind of stuff would happen.


If Dr. Gosnell Had Been Pilot Gosnell, We’d Be Seeing a Lot More Coverage


You have heard the saying “like a horror movie”. Well, the news accounts of how this clinic operated actually do sound like a horror movie.


Where are the calls for increased regulations of abortion clinics?

jj mollo

Depicting the doctor as a monster is natural, but it's the easy way out. Culpability for this, it seems to me, can be pushed back further to the doctor's who referred their patients, knowing what they were doing, at least choosing not to know. The patients themselves are on the hook too. How could they think it was OK?

But I would like to go back further. Let's consider the fathers who have thrown their pregnant girl friends to the curb, or parents who have failed to care for their daughters, perhaps even evicting them, leading them into the temptation for desperate measures. Or maybe, we should be looking at the kind of culture, society, government, whatever, that leads to such outcomes.

Me, I blame the controversy itself. I think that our irrational approaches to the problem of abortion really prevent improvement. When people treat differences of opinion as cause for combat, when only the fanatical on both sides are willing to act, then nothing good can happen. I don't blame prosecutors for being apologetic. This is the biggest can-of-worms that a politician can fall into in America.

The simple, painfully obvious point of agreement should be that our community goal is to reduce the number of abortions and make them happen earlier. This is something that can be treated statistically and scientifically, testing proposals for improvement against measurable results. But on the one side the idea is rejected because, "even one abortion is an abomination," and on the other side, the slippery slope argument is used. People fear the victory of the opposing camp more than they desire improvement.

If somehow we could agree on the shared goal, then means can be negotiated, painfully perhaps, but leading to incremental improvements.


Obama Releases Weird Pro-Abortion Statement on Roe v. Wade Anniversary


JJ, I like to go further back to the courts who removed the abortion discussion from the political process. The ruling elite. Just as destructive here as in China.


It must be an individual’s right to decide who is human enough to have human rights, right? We can’t have the government interfering with our liberty. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, presenting the opinion of the Supreme Court in Dred Scott v. Sandford in 1857 said it best, “The question before us is, whether [insert those not human enough here: Muslims, gays, Jews, unwanted kids]...compose a portion of this people, and are constituent members of this sovereignty? We think they are not, and that they are not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word 'citizens' in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to citizens of the United States."

If the constitution doesn’t spell out specific rights…

jj mollo

The political process is a wimp. These guys don't have the spine to tell the truth on television or to argue honestly with each other about anything, much less a serious subject. Watching David Gregory try to get a congressman to be explicit about specifics is part of my Sunday morning entertainment. Congress was rescued by the courts on the abortion issue.

The analogy between enslaving adult human beings and aborting fetuses does not resonate for a significant portion of the population, myself included. You must know by now that is an unbridgeable gap. Meanwhile, what are you going to actually do about the frequency of abortion and the conditions under which abortions take place. You choose. Either we continue down the road to more confrontation and disunion, like that which Taney helped precipitate, or we try to make progress on divisive issues, taking our lead perhaps from the framers of the Constitution or politicians like Daniel Webster, or even Andy Jackson who at least understood the importance of union.


"Congress was rescued by the courts" This is sad. Just like Castro "rescued" Cuba, Lennon "rescued" Russia and Mao "recued" China.

Democracy is far from perfect, but it seems to be best. You know, government for the people, by the people. Not for the people, by the unelected elite.

Just a thought.


I wasn't trying to compare slavery and abortion. (or Muslims, gays or Jews for that matter) Two totally different things.

It was the similar logic that people use to justify them. Fetuses and slaves don't politically exist and are therefore a question of rights is irrelevant.

It really is a question of how human for human rights. It seems central to drawing the line between abortion and murder.

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