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December 20, 2010


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I never thought I'd live to see the day. You posted a pro-Hayek video!!!!!!!!

Your vote for Obama and pretty much everything you've ever said previously had led me to believe that you believed in that @$%$!ouchebag Keynes' ridiculous economic theories. My only question: WHY THE HELL DID YOU VOTE FOR OBAMA!?! THE ONLY PERSON WHO BELIEVES IN KEYNES' RIDICULOUS THEORIES MORE IS JJ MOLLO!

Apologies for saying ouchebag. But keynes is one. Obama too. And I'm none too sure about you :).


Seriously, my blog world has turned upside down. Are you next going to espouse the greatness that is Milton Friedman?


Will you now admit that low taxes are good? Holy crap. I'm waiting with baited breath for what you will say next.

Frank Warner

The lower taxes the better, but the rich should pay a larger percentage. I've never said anything too favorable about Keynes, and Friedman has good points.

I'm all about freedom here.


In one measly sentence, you've ripped joy from me. Jerk. Here's why. I know what you meant to say, but here's the meaning of what you said:

"The lower taxes the better, but the hardest workers should pay a larger percentage."

It makes no sense that a person who works 12 hours a day should pay a higher percentage of his wages to the government than a person who works 5 hours a day. And it infuriates me when people, mostly without thinking about it, suggest that it's a good idea.

Frank Warner

I'm not talking hours a day. But if you want to talk hours a day, compare everyone who works 12 hours a day, and tax the millionaires at a higher percent than the others.

I'd be happy to see a study of how many millionaires work 12 hours a day. And if they don't work that many hours, maybe they should be taxed at an even higher rate. You're onto something here.


"I'm not talking hours a day."

That's why I said "...mostly without thinking about it." Because when you talk about overtaxing people who earn more, you ARE talking about people who work harder and longer. Not just some tiny 'idle rich' group.

Take any job you can think of, and compare the income of a person who works 20 hrs a week to one who works 60. The hard worker will have to pay a higher percentage of his earnings than the lazy worker. It's a form of enforcing mediocrity. Very 'progressive', but not good for the economy or the world. Hayek agrees with me, btw :).

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