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November 06, 2010



Would it still have counted if the millionth viewer had posted a shoe ad?


Grats, Frank! I've been stopping by for six years. Still enjoyable. That's an impressive feat.

Frank Warner

Six years, Kevin! Thanks.

I just wish I didn't have to slow down a bit this last year and a half. I'm writing a lot at work, and I've discovered I have only so many words to say each day.


Congratulations, a million pageviews is quite an accomplishment.


That'll do, Frank. That'll do.

Frank Warner

:) Thanks, Farmer Klonorg.

jj mollo

One number is as good as the next. We have this odometer fixation. I would rather congratulate you on the longevity of your passion for open and truth-seeking conversation. Each day battling for the Enlightenment is a victory of it's own.

Frank Warner

Thanks, jj. You've helped the tone here, with valuable insights, good questions and I can't remember an insult. You've been the fair and honest debater.

The blog odometer is artificial, true. Oh, and you're number is 1,003,499.

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