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November 05, 2010



I wonder if anyone can explain to me the difference between a "ban" which was taken off the table and a "moratorium" which was put in it's place?

It seems to me that you don't get earmarks if you do either one.

Frank Warner

"Moratorium" just lets everyone know it's temporary. It's always temporary. They fear losing the bribe bait.


McConnell: Earmark ban won’t save any money

Frank Warner

Sneaky Senator Mitch McConnell. He tries to frame the earmark debate as a contest over who should have the "discretion" to decide where federal funds are spent. He avoids talking about how secretly earmarked appropriations, tied to individual Congress members, make those congressmen powerful bribe machines.

If McConnell is worried about the executive branch having too much discretion, then he should insist the Congress do as our founders intended, and vote as one body, in the open, for each and every item it funds.

The ethics problem is in telling each Congress member he has $30 million of mad money that he can dangle in front of potential campaign donors who are seeking federal contracts. The problem is compounded when each appropriations bill vote comes, and the Senate and House leaders intentionally hide each Congress member's bribe paybacks from all the other members (and from us, until it is too late).

Earmarks are not a big part of the budget, as far as a percentage goes. But they're big enough to corrupt the whole Congress.


Earmarks are what got ObamaCare passed. It wouldn't have been passed without Dems selling out via earmarks and sweetheart deals. Earmarks help a stinky bill no one wants to get passed as the enticed congressional voters hold their noses when they vote it through.

Frank Warner

Yep. They're sprinkled around everywhere.

And each time earmarks are permitted, the congressional leadership is, in effect, letting the bribers know that their individual Congress members are all dressed up and ready for their bribes.

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