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November 09, 2010



Great questions! I didn't much like the one about the looting though. Is it really a president's job to make sure the press reports the truth? If so, every Republican president from now until kingdom come will be considered a failure.

Getting a reporter to tell the truth about a Republican is as likely as getting a guy to be honest to a girl he just met in a bar.

Frank Warner

In the case of the Iraq National Museum looting, it might not have been Bush's job to make sure the press reported the truth. But considering how the false reports of a "stripped-bare" museum stirred anti-American feelings among Iraqis exactly at the beginning of Iraq's liberation, Bush did have a duty to his troops to lay out the facts, at least once.

Bush had other forums to deliver the facts to the U.S. and Iraq. He never tried.

By the way, it was government-subsidized NPR that reported the Iraq museum was "stripped bare" of its antiquities. Most other news media gave similar accounts.

NPR said 100 percent of the museum's artifacts were looted. In fact, no more than 3 percent were looted. At least 95 percent of the 501,000 items never left the museum, and 2 percent more were in safe storage elsewhere.

(And while I digress, click here for an even better example of NPR’s biases getting in the way of the truth.)


>> it might not have been Bush's job to make sure the press reported the truth.

Huh? Then, if it might not have been, you mean that it might have been.

C'mon. Stop the mamby-pamby BS. State it as a fact. It definitely wasn't Bush's job to make sure the press reported the truth. The press is dishonest and they hated Bush then and they hate him now.

Frank Warner

He could have gone around the press. He did deliver a few speeches that got free air time, but he left too much unsaid.

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