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October 17, 2010


jj mollo

I'm enthralled by the possibility that new Twain passages will be found that were too outrageous for the sensibilities of his times. Wow.

Frank Warner

Yes. The intrigue is heightened by the 100-year wait and the knowledge that Twain could write so clearly. It will be a glimpse at what many of his time were thinking.

Martin Hessler

I hope this new release does not make people think about our current president and his cronies and wonder if maybe they are a bit corrupt too! But I have no fear, I am sure that modern politians, espcially the noblest of the Democrats, are as clean and pure as the driven snow!

Mobb Young

Mark Twain was a real American, all right, with strong opinions and views that he expressed in his speech and writings. In `The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’, Twain used the vernacular language of the South to bring authenticity to the story. But not many took to this experiment and found the novel difficult to understand. Twain’s book was also objected to on the grounds of the subject matter – racial discrimination. But have you ever thought of how writers like Twain, Salinger, Harper Lee, who `dared’ to stray from the thought process of the main stream, are the ones who have influenced people for generations? Interesting, isn’t it? Huckleberry Finn- is a character that every age group loves. His journey down the Mississippi is a journey that unfolds the many facets of life itself. has some interesting comments on this book. Did you know that the meaning of `Mark Twain’ is associated with riverboat language?

Frank Warner

Mark twain: Mark Number 2, for a river depth of 2 fathoms.

His grave marker is 2 fathoms tall.

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