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October 19, 2010


Larry Sheldon

Republicans best stop worrying about third parties and start worying about being one of the three.

Frank Warner

Unfortunately, the two major parties have name recognition enough to survive the most horrible scandals.


Jesse Ventura is a kook, always has been, always will be.

Saw him interviewed on Fox and he took a shot at Palin for quitting, which I suppose is fair. But Jesse wasn't exactly Jesse "the Brave". He didn't run for a 2nd term because he was obviously afraid he was gonna lose and lose badly. Jesse didn't give us people of MN the satifaction of throwing his arse out on the street.

Frank Warner

Ventura was a bit wild, which was a blessing and a curse. He would have been great as a party builder. He would not have been a credible national candidate.

His still-unexplained falling out with Perot helped weaken the Reform Party, and then Buchanan destroyed it.

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