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October 22, 2010



Gutfeld’s Case Not to Defund NPR: We Need Them to Remind Us What Subsidized Failure Looks Like

Frank Warner

We've got North Korea, Cuba and the American Indian reservations to remind us of subsidized failure.

We need to take this to the federal courts and demonstrate a separation of press and state is at least as important as separation of church and state. Exactly why do we give "seed money" to Democratic Party news media, and none to anyone else?

In 1998, Democrats objected when NPR chose former Radio Free Europe president Kevin Klose as NPR president. The Democratic critics complained that Radio Free Europe was a government-funded propaganda agency. Well yeah. What's NPR?

At least Radio Free Europe didn't claim to be private and objective. Or was the real problem that Radio Free Europe stood up against tyranny and for freedom?


Separation of church and state? Oh, yeah. You progressives believe that the founders put that in the Constitution.

The way I read it, it says there is a separation of state from church.

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