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October 22, 2010



Juan Williams: “I Always Thought the Right Wing Were the Ones That Were Inflexible, Intolerant” (Video)


Did Juan have a Shirley Sherrod moment ?
I caught a talking head saying that Juan ended his comments by saying that you can "indict a whole people" based on a handful.


Ironic isn't it, that Vivian Schiller, in an attempt to explain the firing of Juan Williams, showed the same callousness toward a certain group of people (those under psychiatric care) that she accused Willams of showing toward members of the Muslim community.

Frank Warner

In this case, comparing Williams' act to Schiller's is like comparing a sneeze to a knife thrust.

Williams said what he felt. Schiller not only fired someone for simply speaking honestly (and really, for his association with Republicans), she used vicious and bigoted innuendo to tarnish the man she had just punished. All this as an executive of an institution that the public subsidizes.

Schiller's act and follow-up slander are something we've seen in totalitarian regimes. Punish someone's free speech and then tell the public that the speaker was insane. Schiller will always be remembered for his malicious act of fascism.

That she still has a job is an atrocity. NPR workers will pretend nothing happened, as they usually do when a Democrat is undemocratic. The NPR board will retire her quietly soon in hopes of continuing the single-party propaganda with less public attention to NPR's fundamental intolerance.

jj mollo

I think it's just more of the extreme political correctness that has infected modern life (except for FOX -- not that I approve). I suspect she's feeling pretty defensive now. They basically got rid of him to avoid being criticized by the thin-skinned legions, but here they are getting criticized anyway. Life is so unfair.

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