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October 21, 2010



Juan now (after NPR firing him) has a multi-year contract with an extended role at FoxNews, the fair and balanced network.


The Republicans have been trying to tighten the regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac since 2002, but they were blocked by the Democrats at every step. The question that you should be asking yourself is why.

McCain Tried To Reform Fannie & Freddie, But was Stopped by every Democrat Senator...


Williams signs new contract with Fox News

Fired NPR analyst reportedly to receive close to $2 million over 3 years


I have to say that I'm shocked by this post, Frank. I have always thought of you (for the past 6 years) as a tried and true Democrat who's only beef with that party is that you believed in liberation of oppressed people. I thought you were like Liebermann, which is about as respectable as a Democrat can be without accidentally turning into a conservative or libertarian.

Have you changed? Or was my opinion of you always wrong?

Either way, I welcome the change: in you, or in my understanding of you :).


NPR Asked Mara Liasson To Reconsider Fox News Appearances: Politico

Soros Gives $1 Million to Target Fox News

NPR, George Soros, and the Canning of Juan Williams


A Soros Connection to Juan Williams Firing?

Bob LeJeune

This firing is an indication of the LEFT leaning management of NPR. Juan Williams deserves an apology, and continued employment by NPR. It's about time we BALANCE the views now common on NPR. I think if this continues, I will be hard at work to discontinue Federal funding in the future. Perhaps the firing of the NPR Executive Director would be a more appropriate action.
Bob LeJeune

Frank Warner

Kevin, I've been after the Democratic Party to return to real liberalism for a long time. They're not liberals. Generally, their leaders are narrow-minded partisans no longer interested in helping the little guy. They're interested only in preserving their power.

NPR serves exactly the interests of Democratic Party leaders. They have lovely voices, but 90 percent of them sing the same lame song. For the life of me, I can't understand why I have to contribute to this partisan propaganda organ.


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to know if this organization is going to stand up for Juan Williams who recently got fired from NPR Radio. Juan was unfairly targeted specifically because he was a black man who happens to have an "Opinion" different from NPR. I can't believe you havent immediately defended him and support the fact he is a black man who was unfairly targeted for a firing only because he also works at Fox news. He clearly stated it was an opinion not the views of NPR nor Fox for that matter. I listened to what he said many times and found nothing wrong with what he said.

This country is based on equality for ALL minorities and black people not just a select few. All black people of this country need to have their rights protected when they are unfairly treated. If your organization doesn't take this high profile case, it will diminish your effectiveness and your sending a very strong message to all black people that we will only defend certain "black" people not all and you don't really then stand for all minorities as you claim.

I am so outraged and embarrassed to live right now in a country that claims to defend all people regardless of race or religion and this is clearly not the case if not one organization comes to Juan's defense.

I may be only one writing this letter however I won't be the only person and will not be the only person of color thinking and watching how you and other organizations react to this. Freedom of speech for all is allowed under the Constitution and nothing Juan did violates this. If you don't defend him allowing black people to be targeted and that can not be allowed. Your organization was designed to go after such injustice.

By the way, Juan is a Democrat also.

A believer in equality for all regardless of race , color or religion.

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