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October 20, 2010


Frances Redmond

Many thanks for this map and info. I'm taking my dad to Cong to see the locations -and information is scarce.

Frank Warner

Frances, I'll be there, too, in a few days.


God Love you Frank Warner. This is exactly what I was looking to find. Cant' wait to spend some time in Cong and remember those lovely characters of Inisfree.

Frank Warner

PConboy, take that trip to Connemara and enjoy.

Anne Bullerwell

This is just what my husband and I have been looking for! We're huge fans of the film and have been trawling the internet and old film books looking for information about the film's locations. Your map and added detail will be so much help to us on our first visit to 'Inisfree'. By the looks of your map, 'Why it's just a good stretch of the legs!'
Thanks again,
Anne and David Bullerwell

Frank Warner

Great, Anne! I hope you and your husband have fun. I'll be in Ireland in a few weeks, but I'm not sure I'll have a chance to visit Cong this time.

In any case, when you go, make sure you have a Guinness at Pat Cohan's Bar. The sad news: Its wonderful owners have put the pub up for sale. So if you want to stay, offer to buy the place!


Annette Hoffman

Thank you, Frank, for your map! My husband and I just spent a few days in Ireland, and your map was very useful! I, too, am a big "Quiet Man" fan, and wanted a map of the area.

Annette Hoffman

Frank, I suggested this post on my most recent blog entry. :o)

John Hampson

I just returned from Cong this past March. What a treat to se these venues. The town has not changed much and I only wish we could have spent a few more days in the area! This means we have to plan another trip!!

Barbara Mister

Do you know where the cottage Sean and Mary Kate lived in after they were married is located?? Wondering if it still exists or was just a Hollywood set.

Frank Warner

Barbara, that would be White O'Morn' cottage, which is in ruins about 12 miles west of Cong, at Failmore River. A few Irish groups have been campaigning to have the cottage restored, but the campaign moves ever-so-slowly. The exterior shots of "The Quiet Man" were filmed there. The interior shots were filmed in Hollywood.

Narelle Krause

Thank you Frank my favourite film as well, heading to Ireland in October.
So three cheers for your information


Susan Harding

Thanks Frank. This just what I needed for my visit to Cong. None of my tour guide books have anything like this.

Frank Warner

You're welcome! Take lots of photographs!

Lou Anguiano

In your trips to Ireland, would you be stopping for a peek in Tullamore, another town from films in Ireland. "Waking Ned Devine" would be on my list of locations my wife and I would like to visit.

Narelle Krause

I drove to Cong on my own I just loved this little place so beautiful and quaint
I loved Ireland and shall return to see more next year 2020

Ed Dillio

If you love the movie, you must get the special fifth edition. In the beginning of the DVD, you can choose Maureen narrating the film as it plays. Lots of info.

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