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October 30, 2010



What few clips I saw from that show pointed out to me that Obama didn't want to have a sense of humor but wanted to talk seriously. It is on the Comedy Channel coming on after South Park. Didn't his crack advisers (or is that "advisers on crack"?) clue him in on the environment he would be in?

More signs that Obama is losing his sense of humor:
OBAMA LOSES IT!… Presidential MELTDOWN in Connecticut (Video)

Frank Warner

To be fair on the Stewart interview, President Obama did admit he rammed things through, and said he'd rather not. He said he believed the ends were more important than the means here.

On the Connecticut rally, I was surprised that Obama told the crowd the "other side" wants to drop funding to AIDS globally. It wasn't too long ago that Bob Geldof was saying President Bush had done far more than any other leader to fight AIDs in Africa.


I really don't care that Obama admits only now that he rammed things through. Only an idiot would have thought otherwise anyway. Yes, it was obvious he rammed things through and he pissed off a whole lotta people. Congrats, asshole for your end justifying the means methodology. He is a damn disgrace.

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