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October 22, 2010



I always have been and always will be an Iraq liberation supporter. I have thought Obama had been doing an OK job in Iraq through Bush negotiated departure of combat brigades. However since then I have had a growing level of anxiety that the Obama administration is failing to move the ball forward. The country of Iraq still has a long ways to go and I'm not sure that Obama and Clinton/State are as invested in making our project in Iraq a success as they should be. It just doesn't seem that they are doing a stellar job on the diplomatic front.

Frank Warner

The main thing now is to make sure Iraq's democracy grows long roots -- long enough to resist the dangerous influence of Iran's dictatorship.

It hasn't helped that the Iraq parliament has been unable to form a new government since the last election. At first, that looked like a healthy exercise, elected officials making compromises with leaders they normally would have nothing to do with. But now, some of these elected officials are making deals with Moktada al-Sadr, the murderer-tyrant in Iran.


That's the thing. Obama is not doing enough to make sure Iraq doesn't fall into Iran's orbit.

Obama is pretty much worthless when it comes to countering Iran. But then again, I'm of the opinion that Iran should seriously be in the crosshairs of US National Military Might.

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