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October 19, 2010



I was thinking about this scenario a few weeks ago, while the Chilean miners were awaiting rescue and there was talk about how various companies - all from free market economies - were helping in the effort. Interesting that an example came up so quickly.

But here are the thoughts. In China, the state also controls the media. There may or may not be 37 dead miners in China right now. There's actually a chance that the 37 men are also underground awaiting a rescue that'll never come, while those on the surface are being told that they're dead. Who would ever know?

Given how the citizenry is treated there, it doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility.

Frank Warner

MDC, yes.

Not only are free nations more likely to put the spotlight on dangerous practices, and then act to reduce the danger, free nations also are more likely to create the wealth that makes the best safety measures possible.

Right now, China has created a lot of wealth because its dictatorship allowed a much freer economy. If the Chinese government were more accountable -- to a free press, an independent court system and free elections -- it might be more interested in applying some of that wealth to worker safety.

Workers of the world unite, for freedom!


Pleaser note that those Chilean miners were saved by extreme help provided by United States. Expert US drilling expert rushed to Chile to use his machinery and skills to drill not one but three holes to save those miners. Three holes to make sure that it will be possible to extract those miners - First to use for extraction, second hole in case there would be problem with first and third in case the second would fail. Then he left, to leave all attention to survivors. Also trpped miners received specially developed food from NASA agency and expensive dark glasses donated by american compaqny. When miners were pulled out from the mine none of them mentioned any of gratitude to United States. Only at very end only president of Chille thanked United States for saving those miners.

Frank Warner

Interesting, Jerry. Fortunately, people are willing to do good things without any expectation of thanks.

jj mollo

The same crew are also blatant violators of any sane environmental standards, as was the USSR before its collapse. Witness the recent residual result in Hungary. How long will the wounds of that evil empire continue to plague us?

The ability of citizens to access and process honest information about the actions of supposedly responsible decision-makers can lead to remarkable changes. As they say, sunlight is the best sanitizer.

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