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July 09, 2010



I think I see a fault in your logic. You say, "Obviously, the democracies cannot disarm before the dictatorships do." I think you're suggesting that it is possible for democracies to ever disarm.

It's not. In the worst of times, arms are necessary to defend freedom. In the best of times, arms are insurance against the loss of freedom. I'm not willing to go without insurance against a loss of freedom any more than I'm willing to go without catastrophic health insurance, home insurance, or even collision.

There is no good reason to ever disarm.

Great video though! Before watching it, I had thought that only perhaps 200 bombs had ever been detonated. Glad to see the USA still in first place :). We're number one!


The animation should have also emphasized how many didn't kill anyone. And those that did kill people, he should have had the balls to say why.

Frank Warner

Hmmm. I think we need a video that shows the number of people murdered and intentionally starved to death by their governments, by month and nation, over the 20th century.

And another video showing which nations were free, partly free, not free and in totalitarian hands, by month, over the last century. We'd see freedom spreading, but we'd see who the stubborn tyrants are.

jj mollo

I think that's a great idea Frank! We've often observed here that the toll of tyranny remains out of sight while the cost of war is dramatized and exaggerated for political effect. Peace proponents have to remember that there is another side to the balance sheet.

All and all, I have to agree with Kevin's depressing conclusion. There is no way to disarm, and it's unlikely there ever will be. In fact, our greatest concern should be to make sure that our ability to defend and retaliate is always supreme. Being peaceful without being defeated is almost impossible, but we have, by and large, accomplished it. We can never take for granted, however, that such a condition remains feasible for very long.

What we can do about peace is what we have done. We can take every step to insure that weapons are not used by mistake and that irresponsible parties do not acquire them. MAD was the single best invention of the Cold War, but it is certainly not enough to protect us in the future.

Frank Warner

I'm enough of a Robert Kennedy liberal to dream of a day when we're all free and no one needs arms to guarantee things will stay that way, but I'm also realistic.

The point I was making was in response to those who suggest the United States scrap all of its nuclear weapons before the dictatorships scrap theirs, and before the dictatorships die. It would be suicide.

And yes, I like more and more the idea of using Hashimoto-style videos to put big things into perspective. Too often, we who live in democracies hear only the problems of democracy, which are aplenty, but we don't hear about the problems of tyranny, which are infinitely worse.

In these videos, how about a scream for every murder and intentional starvation by each government? You know where 90-plus percent of the outcry would come from -- unelected governments. And how about a scream for every person who has had no chance to elect his government in free and fair elections? That kind of video would be fair.

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