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June 29, 2010



"No lobbyists in my administration" sounds sensible.
"Health care debate televised on C-SPAN" sounds sensible.
"I will go through legislation line-by-line [to cut pork]" sounds sensible.
"I'm talking about net spending cuts" sounds sensible.
Promising bipartisanship sounds sensible.

The problem is that Obama has delivered on NONE of his sensible promises. What we got instead was cronyism, tax cheats, soaring debt, a health care plan that most Americans don't want and actually increases health care costs, failure to enforce existing laws and a knucklehead who actually impedes attempts to solve the oil spill problem instead of helping them.



By his own words he says he is motivated by "the incredible sacrifices that our young men and women are putting in". Note the present tense.

So if they were not there he would loose his motivation for being there? Then for him the goal is obvious: get out ASAP without hurting himself politically at home regardless of the consequences in the middle-east.

Seems short-sided to me and therefore not very sensible.


Here is yet one more example of Obama saying one thing and doing another:
Obama Mocked Commissions, Then Established Four

I am growing so weary of this worthless, dishonest, dangerous president.


How's that Black Panther case cming along?

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