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June 24, 2010



I dunno. It just seems like it could be replaced with a more manly sport, like badminton, or painting flowers. Speed-applying makeup? All three of these things fit the 'manlier than soccer' bill.


My daughter was in Paris yesterday. Had to get off the streets because the Algerians were upset about the USA winning.
What an education though! Been there less than two months and is ready to leave. Something about people urinating everywhere, men groping her on public transportation.

Frank Warner

As you said, Mark, that's an education. It is a beautiful city, but it's more beautiful when only children are playing soccer.

And Paris once was so proud of its public toilets. I wonder what happened to that.


We got beat by a team from Africa today. I was going to riot over it, but I can't remember: are we supposed to riot when we WIN a soccer game, or when we LOSE? So I blew it off.

jj mollo

Seems to encourage hooligans. At least hockey takes place in cold weather, which keeps the drunks from getting too rambunctious.

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