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April 26, 2010


al colten

Somethings are disturbing some seem not to be. The new Anti-Islamic book "How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad's Daughter Tells It All" by Noor Barack has a photo of a drunken Mohammad and depicts the Prophet as a foolish, cowardly, child molesting pimp too stupid to run 'Mohammad's Saloon & Brothel' well. Amazon sells it and no one seems to mind.


This would cause any devout religious person to be offended if it was about their church. Yes there are many horrible things in parts of radical Islam but you don't change a religion or people by mocking it/them. This only will feed terrorism. Yes all sarcasm and satire will only work if there is some truth in it but good satire will improve a reader when read, I can't see this book improving any one's life. If this book was written about the black community we would have war in the streets. If such a book was Written about Catholic church the Vatican would be inflamed, and church members demanding amazon to remove the book. All moral people should see this book as it really is, paper for recycling. The only reason such a book can be sold with out a public backlash here is because of the present war against radical Islam and the fact that most Muslims are afraid to speak out for fear of becoming targets by the government or their neighbors. This is not the free Moral America that I would die for even though I would fight for the authors right to write the book.
P.S. No I am not Muslim but conservative christian who is saddened that such trash even has an audience in the United States of America. This is the kind of book Hitlers propaganda minister would write about Jews' Gays blacks and gypsies to justify later killing them in gas chambers. This is what My forefathers went to war to stop in WWII.

jj mollo

You should see the stuff that Arabs broadcast about Jews in the Middle East.

You are also wrong about racist propaganda. The KKK can still keep printing presses in business, and they can muster a parade from time to time.

There have been several mainstream authors and artists who have been threatened and abused by radical Islamists for serious work about Islam. Look up Salmon Rushdie, Ayan Hirsi Ali, for instance, and take a look at the actual cartoon that caused the most fuss in the Danish cartoon case. It was a serious effort to question the exact strain of violence within Islam that reacted to the cartoon.


aa I am missing what you are saying. LOTS of books were written about abuse by the Catholic Church. I see reform and remorse from the Vatican.

Writing about real segregation and the hurt and pain it cause helped to bring about change.

Assuming this book is generally honest, it should help. Right?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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