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April 29, 2010



Well, since passage of the Health Care bill put control of most student loans in the hands of the Federal government, this only makes sense, in a corruptocrat kind of way.
My view is that there is that there is an over-reliance on college degrees in the hiring market. Sure, some professions require post-secondary training (doctors, engineers, etc.)but most entry-level positions just don't. Combine this over-reliance on college degrees with placing the administration of most college loans in the hands of a single government entity, and you've created a situation ripe for corruption. Federal officials can literally begin to decide who gets to be part of the middle/upper class and who doesn't.

jj mollo

Although this issue affects me personally, I have to say that the likely outcome of government subsidizing student loans would probably be counter-productive. It amounts to price support for the educational institutions, something they don't seem to need at the present time.

Funneling students from expensive colleges into the government might seem like a good idea, but I don't believe it would raise the performance level of government one iota. It would be like hiring a lawyer to mow your grass ... or maybe like hiring a lawyer to mow your grass and then paste it back together in order to look busy ... or maybe like hiring a lawyer to mow your astroturf. The average government employee is already way overqualified to do what is basically a job of writing bulletproof rule books so that people can spend all their time trying to make it look like they're following the rules. Why hire somebody who's been trained to develop a refined sense of good judgment if you won't let them exercise that judgment?

The problem for employers is that it's very hard to know who is qualified and appropriate for any given position. College graduates can screw up a job big time, and those who lack the credentials might be perfect, but if I hire the former, I can never get in trouble with my boss for that decision. If I hire a promising high school grad that screws up, however, the blame hammer will fall hard.

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