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March 30, 2010


jj mollo

Good lord. Now you've got my interest. I'd kind of like to see it to figure out why it did so badly.

Frank Warner

If they're smart, they'll remix it and add some bloody scenes. Then re-release it.


But you had Michael Mann on the hook, and you let him off without even yanking on it. Who cares about Uma whatever. YOU HAD MICHAEL MANN ON THE HOOK AND YOU LET HIM OFF!

When you look back at your life and think of all of the bad things you did, Frank, this will be one of those times. You did a very bad thing, Frank.


I mean, it's like you took schoolbooks away from nuns, Frank, or sold poisoned milk to kids! I can't imagine a worse thing that you could do. Eat human babies perhaps? That would be a close second, but it would not top your giving this guy an additional outlet to spew his bile.

Grrr... I'm very disappointed in you, Franklin.

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