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March 31, 2010



Congratulations. Still angry.


Hey, I'm at 32,000 after 4 years, so don't feel bad.
You might give a visit now and then, since some tiny portion of that 900,000 might be from my linking you.

Frank Warner

Thanks, Lynne.

I'm going for blue people to step up the hits.


Gee, Frank-
I'm sorry. I don't know what gets into me sometimes, making a snarky comment like that. I wish I could blame my Evil Twin Skippy or something, but I can't. I said it, and I was wrong to say it.
(Hanging head now.)
Congrats on the stats.
PS- I'm really kinda purple. I'm a lifelong registered Independent.


I'm going for blue people to step up the hits.

Have it your own way, Frank. You're now off my blogroll.
Sorry to hear I'm not your kind of people.

Frank Warner

Wait! Come back!

No blue people and no 3-D.

Frank Warner

In any case, I was referring to Avatar, not politics.


Oh, geez...
Ok. Look, let's make up and I'll take you to this terrific little Italian place for dinner.....Here, these roses are for you.

What a day. Next time I leave a comment, do us both a favor and just delete it before I make a huge mess.


And what am I, chopped liver, Frank? Sheesh. I've never been snubbed on an interwebbing before.

Frank Warner

Have you ever brought me flowers, Kevin?


Once, back in the sixties. You were very young though, and probably don't remember.


I guess you're looking at 1 million hits by around the end of this year. Don't forget to invite me to the party!

I'll bring flowers if you want me to.

Frank Warner

Thanks, Nicholas. Yeah, the 1 million mark probably will be this year. I'm writing now for my newspaper (had been an editor), so that cuts into my blogging, simply because daily writing has its limits. But I'll keep at it.

jj mollo

The hits just keep on coming!

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