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February 21, 2010


jj mollo

It has been a major accomplishment. The warriors have done well in spite of the politicians, the cynics and the anklebiters. They represent the most effective fighting force in history, the most determined and loyal and the most consistently decent representatives for peace and democracy that we could hope for.

There are still many dogmatically entrenched despair addicts who dwell on the inhumanity of war. Fine. They're not wrong about that, but they are wrong that everything the US touches makes the problems worse. Iraq was unbearably nasty before we went in. Now it is bearable and given to moments of hope, and it may yet develop into a blessed place, as Eden was always meant to be.

It's time for the opposition to recognize that they were wrong, but the fact is, we really can't rest on our laurels. This was only one third of the Axis of Evil, without even considering Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen, et cetera. Islamic extremism is still very potent in many places and their methods continue to inspire many other enemies of civilization.

We were put in the position of having to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because we tried to manage the problem away and even ignore it for decades. It is our responsibility to address evil before it becomes strong. W was right about that.

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