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January 25, 2010



I read that too. They said the teleprompters were set up for q&a with the press. How do you use a teleprompter for unknown questions in Q&A?


Someone ask a question
someone answers the question
someone reads the answer




John[sic] Stewart weighs in.


No, Frank. It really is as bad as it appears.
Obama Uses Teleprompter For A 10 Person Meeting

jj mollo

So he likes teleprompters. Is that a character flaw? Some people like Expo-markers. It's true, he's got his tools just like everybody. Me, I usually have about five pens in my shirt pocket. People make fun of me. I know it looks silly, but I don't care. So basically, John Stewart is making fun of Obama because of insufficient attention to image management? I think that would be a feature, not a bug.

Frank Warner

You know that "too light" and "TOO HEAVY" TV commercial? This the "TOO HEAVY" segment. It's like wearing five neckties at once. It's rare.


Being unable to speak without a teleprompter is certainly not a feature.

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