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January 29, 2010



This must be disappointing news for the terrorists. But they're still getting their weekly body massages and morning half-caf lattes, right?


Line them all up and shoot them.

jj mollo

POWs is what they are. Our only responsibility is to house them humanely until the end of the war. When will the war be over? They should have thought of that before they decided to join the wrong side.

Lining them up may be OK, but I think, as a general solution, shooting them all is a bit extreme.

KSM, however, is unquestionably a war criminal and should be dispatched toute de suite. A few of these guys are beyond thugs. They're just monsters. It would be too dangerous to let them go at any time. I'm opposed to the torture, but elimination may be a practical necessity.

It's really nuts to bring them back to New York, of all places. There are limits to the degree of order that civil society can impose. Military tribunal was, and remains, a good compromise.

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