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January 29, 2010


jj mollo

I believe that the US has been the greatest force for good in the World, throughout its history. That doesn't mean that we haven't done a lot of damage in the process. We forget how bad the natural order of things really is.

When our enemies point out our failings, though, it doesn't hurt us to acknowledge them. The worst country ever for pollution and abuse of the environment was the Soviet Union. They did, however, point out that our support for Science and science education was inadequate. For that we should thank them. The result has been Intel and Microsoft, Apollo 11 and the Hubble, and a million other things, which might not have been if it weren't for the Soviets challenging us.

Are we to blame for global warming, as Bin Laden suggests? Not particularly. We did not, and do not, really understand all the consequences of what we were doing, and we have been the first to address the consequences. You can argue about the effectiveness of our somewhat disconnected efforts, but we are certainly thinking about the issue and vigorously exploring possible corrections.

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