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January 08, 2010


jj mollo

Maybe you're right. The portion of the economy dedicated to healthcare is now around 18% of GDP. This is essentially an ongoing WPA of monumental proportions, makework jobs by the millions. What happens if it goes away?

There is some danger that healthcare spending will become more rational, leading anyone associated with the healthcare sector to be more conservative in hiring, an attitude which would ripple through the economy. We should have done this bill a couple of decades ago. Now we've got the tiger by the tail. We can't stay on the way we have and we daresn't let go.

Frank Warner

As I've suggested before, we should let the slackening economy have its natural effect on health-care costs before doing anything else. When the economy has rebounded, we can set up a better-considered system to cover more Americans.

Meanwhile, there is a school of thought that there is nothing wrong with health care's growing share of our economy, that we could become Hospital America and we'd all do quite well. An interesting idea, and there's probably some merit to it.

But our medical costs truly are out of control, partially because the average patient has no sense of what his care really costs. We have to tackle this problem soon.

Do good things cheaper.


Tort reform is necessary and something the Dems won't even look at, even though it was certainly mentioned by the other side of the aisle at numerous times.

Nick Matyas, jerk

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