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December 07, 2009



Obama and the EPA have decalred war on Ameerica


To a psychologist, climate change looks as if it was designed to be ignored.

It is a global problem, with no obvious villains and no one-step solutions, whose worst effects seem as if they'll befall somebody else at some other time. In short, if someone set out to draw up a problem that people would not care about, one expert on human behavior said, it would look exactly like climate change.

Now they invoke the use of a psychologist to tell us that we are being irrational when it comes to spending a mere few trillions of dollars.

jj mollo

It doesn't have to be so expensive if done wisely. There has to be some low hanging fruit, and a lot of the sensible actions are also in line with our national interests. Nuclear power plants, for instance are safer than coal, especially if you consider the destructive process of obtaining the coal. Nuclear works wherever you want to build it -- even on the high seas. It doesn't need a nearby source of coal. I understand that pebble-bed reactors don't even need a source of water. With nuclear, you don't have to re-build the electric grid, so you're saving a tremendous amount of money right there.

Petroleum is responsible for a lot of our other problems. Transferring wealth in stupendous quantities to otherwise unproductive countries has caused very expensive headaches for us in the Middle East. That's also a tremendous drain on our own economy. We could pay for a lot of windmills with that kind of money (not that I think windmills are the best idea).

jj mollo

That psychologist's statement reminds me of the recent movie where you get to push a button in order to win a million dollars. The only catch is that someone else, somewhere in the world must die, but you don't know who. How would the average person react?

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