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November 21, 2009



FYI Poland is rather in Central Europe since the centre of Europe is in Poland...

Frank Warner

Poland sure looks to be in the center of Europe, which is why it was beaten up so badly in World War II.

A few years ago, I was in Belgium, and I was shocked to find the Belgians thought they were in the center of Europe. They even have maps to prove it. Of course, those maps included the UK and a lot of water.

From 1945 to 1989, everything in Europe east of Berlin was called Eastern Europe. That designation probably should drop.

So aaa, I agree with you.


I'm Polish and I consider myself Eastern European and am proud of it. The designation I take hereto has to do with ethnicity (Slavic) and mentality, although if I took the confessional (Catholic) and civilizational one, Poland belongs to the West. I spent some time in Western Europe and my observations are that in the eastern part of the Old World there (still...) is more freedom of speech, although soft-totalitarian p.c.-propaganda is unfortunately gaining more and more grounds. But the local p.c. Inquisition has been treating anti-global warming "heresies" quite mildly up to date, so that a discourse regarding the subject matter is possible.
BTW thank you for the interesting articles on the leaked mails. They should prove even to people oblivious to the existence of the Medieval warm period and the CO2-emissions of volcanoes as compared to the whole of mankind what kind of hogwash this global warming religion really is. But since it is a religion indeed, it will always have its followers.

Frank Warner

Thanks, Kuba. I'm agnostic on global warming. Eager to test the arguments, I have wanted to see a healthy debate here on the subject.

I mean a formal debate, with a few experts on both sides, moderated by an impartial observer with perhaps a few statisticians to help out. I would love to see such a debate go on for a full week, or even longer. We finally would learn something in the battle of ideas.

However, we Americans were told the debate was over even before any of us noticed anyone make a case and opening it to rebuttals.

The dishonesty revealed by these shocking e-mails may finally inspire a real, honest debate on this important matter.


I don't think such a debate could take place. CO2 emission limits are going to be controlled by Goldman and Sachs (they are going to be man in between ), so there is to many cash involved in this, and in my opinion we cannot do anything.
It is like with war in Iraq, everyone knows that this is war for oil, but no one cares.

Frank Warner

Sorry, Pawel, but what oil? The United States took no oil from liberated Iraq.

What the world has won in Iraq is a democratic oasis in a vast desert of tyranny. And because the United States is the nation that always is summoned to clean up the messes of dictators, removing that dictatorship will be one less headache for America.

Iraq also will be an example to other Arabs and Muslims that they need not live in chains forever.

Of course, if CO2 emission limits become law, someone would be paid to monitor the regulations and the related money exchanges. It could be Goldman Sachs. It could be the U.S. Department of Energy. It could be the United Nations. Whoever does it would be paid. I just hope no one does it, because the whole scheme is far too open to corruption and far too likely to reduce the world's supply of economical energy.

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