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November 21, 2009



It's so good to see that science is so apolitical.
Excuse me while I go choke.


"Faith-based advice."

Yes, I've been repeating this ad nauseum since I started visiting your site in 2004. George and Neo say it from time to time as well. Perhaps are a tad more intelligent than the left has been told.

Next up, let's try to work on clearing up the misconception that lower tax rates equals lower government revenue.


Oops. I meant to say that 'perhaps conservatives/libertarians are a tad...'.

Omitting words from comments doesn't help my case much, does it :(


The only unanswered question for me ..
Did any of these folks (in the e-mails) ever give testimony before Congress or any court under oath ?

If so, they should go to jail.


Look for yourself

Andrzej Lodz

I gonna translate your posts into Polish (with links to your blog), maintream media keep quiet, don't know why.
Will you agree?

Frank Warner

Sure, that's fine.

If you need any clarification of terms, just ask.

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