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September 25, 2009



The most transparent bastards ever.

Frank Warner

A huge disappointment.

jj mollo

Legislation in this country is analogous to battlefield maneuvering. Information is used for purposes of attack rather than engendering compromise. If you discover it's impossible to do planning and analysis because group X is full of saboteurs and internal snipers, then you respond by paring down the size of your planning and analysis group. Pretty soon it consists of one small committee, or sub-committee, or sub-sub-sub-committee. If you're lucky, all the self-serving cutthroats are on the outside looking in, making grand speeches about transparency. Meanwhile, the sausage-making grinds on, hidden inside the room, and the general public is spared intimate knowledge of the grisly process. Given the nature of the system, given the difficulty of taming the dynamic and pitiless countervailing forces circling around the beltway like vultures, and given simple human nature, it's a small miracle that anything ever gets done for the benefit of the nation. Our only option is to try and elect decent people and give them enough leeway to do what they need to do. It's pretty hard to micromanage the process from what we see at this end of the telescope. We may not even be looking at the right battlefield.


In other news of transparency in the party of Democrats, Sen. Reid blocks ACORN probe. In his letter to Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), the majority leader said he would rather not "ask our committees or this Congress to do anything that would detract from efforts" to address other priorities.


Dems block GOP demand for more time

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