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September 16, 2009


jj mollo

Well then, I think its necessary that we start creating forms of democracy that will actually work in Iraq and Afghanistan and Africa. If we have to serve as peacekeepers and substitute for local enforcement of democratic norms, then it seems to me a fairly small price when compared to the alternative. If people in other countries chose to criticize our efforts, then let them step forward and do a better job.

I admit that there is a practical limit on what we can do. Some evil is so entrenched that it cannot be easily ousted. Iraq was a major project on that score. Certainly poverty is a roadblock to reform, and when we find it we should address it, but the biggest problem is the will-to-power of thugs, fanatics and ideologues who want to impose their own desires above the will and welfare of the population. Sometimes those tfis project their power from outside, from adjacent countries perhaps, which makes it difficult to defeat them, but I'm not sure we have a choice. The opposite of victory is, in the long term, not defeat but extinction.

The cost consciousness pov always runs into the that long term picture. Whenever we ignore a growing evil, it somehow reaches out and hurts us at home. Happy democratic countries are a boon to the rest of the world. Dictatorships are always a threat.

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