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September 24, 2009



Green like water? It's great that the Empire State Building flipped the bird to Ahmadinejihad, but it's disconcerting to hear that your water is green. Do you need a chlorine treatment system or something?

jj mollo

You gotta read these things more carefully. Green is to Ahmadinejad as water is to the Wicked Witch. Get it? He's afraid of green.

jj mollo

It's a trope. A simile (not a smile, a simile). An analogical implication of similarity. It implies that Ahmadinejad is a lot like the Wicked Witch (similar in looks as well). Although, come to mention it, the water in the rivers around here is sort of green.


I'm not sure I follow you, jj (I'm from Louisiana now), but just in case I understood you correctly, I'm throwing water on Ahmedinijihad the very next time I see him.

No thanks are required.


"Green is to Ahmadinejad as water is to the Wicked Witch."

But I saw the Broadway Show "Wicked" where we find out that the water didn't kill the "Wicked" Witch after all. That analogy is not what it used to be.

Frank Warner

Sure, sure. And Oz didn't give nothin' to the Tin Man that he didn't already have.


jj mollo

Oh, good grief!

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