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July 28, 2009



I guess Obama original birth certificate is radioactive

Frank Warner

The National Review wants to know what grades Obama got in college economics, but it doesn't want to see any original document on his citizenship.

Why be curious about some things and not others?


By spending millions of dollars in attorney fees and court fees to block the release of Obama's long-form birth certificate, does that not put Obama and friends in the birth-certificate business? This isn't merely conservatives digging for dirt; this is Obama blocking the release of information.

The long-form birth certificate would include the doctor and the name of hospital. To see what it would look like, go here.

Frank Warner

I want to see it simply because the president doesn't want me to see it. Do I need a better reason?


Let's put this "Obama's college grades" thing to rest. He got a straight 4.0 all the way through, except where he got a 4.2 in 'truly caring about America 101' at Harvard. They had to bend the rules a little to give him a 4.2 (aka an A++), but the staff thought it was worth it, since he cared so much about all of us.

And you can trust me on this one. I saw the documents. No need for you to see them too.

Frank Warner

That pretty much sums it up, Kevin.

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